One heart, one soul, one planet

Two free birds who have left their nest and flown away...

In case someone we don't know happens to stumble upon our website:

We are René and Dominique and we love travelling. We've already been to some places together in the three years of our relationship, but now we're on our biggest journey so far... one without plans and limits.

We've left everythig behind, our apartment, our jobs, our life as we know it.

Spontaneous as we are, we have nothing booked but the first flight to Johannesburg and there are no limits- apart from our savings, which could disappear sooner or later...

But we're sure there will be some kind of income generating work for us along the way, so we stay positive ;-)

All we know is that we want to see as much of this planet as possible and that we want to do it together...

So feel free to follow our tracks and join us on our trip!

Dominique (Nici)

•clerk in accounting since 2015 (I work work work as a clerk Clerk clerk) & private translator
•loves foodporn (no dead animals though)
•only just discovered travelling (thank you Thailand!)
•cat person
•loves garlic (sorry René :-( )
•doesn't need a cookbook
•passionate reader
•wannabe writer, never able to finish a Story (so far)
•vampire (how can I love garlic though?)
•hates technic
•advanced open water diver
•nature-loving and peaceful (except when hangry)
If you think we can't change the world, it simply means you're not one of those that will -Jacque Fresco

René (Nussi)

•chemistry lab technician since 2008
•loves travelling since birth
•PADI divemaster (hopefully instructor coming soon)
•loves every sport with some kind of a board
•hates paperwork
•likes garlic too (but not Nici's garlic breath ;-) )
•shows signs of being a nerd
My home is where I've never been before -Büne Huber