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We’re putting in our backpacks…

Take a look inside our backpacks... :-)

Nici's putting in her backpack:

That moment you have to decide what you want to be wearing the next couple of years...

-2 very light long sleeve shirts
-1 pair of jeans long
-1 pair of jeans shorts
-2 pairs of thai fabric shorts
-1 pair of cotton shorts (as pyjama)
-7 normal tops
-2 long tops (to wear over leggings)
-2 pairs of long leggings
-1 pair short leggings
-2 pairs of long thai fabric trousers
-2 t-shirts
-1 thin hoodie
-1 thick hoodie
-2 thin long sleeve shirts
-2 summer dresses from Thailand
-1 pair of long thick linen trousers (for safari or trekking)
-1 pair of comfortable ¾ trousers
-1 pair of support stockings for the flight
-1 pair of comfy flight socks
-11 pairs of socks (random number)
-2 bikinis
-beach cloth (perfect to wear over your knees or shoulders when visiting a temple
-1 normal bra
-4 sports bra's
-12 panties

Other items :

-1 micro fiber towel
-1 normal towel for the beach
-1 small handbag for parties
-1 Dakine belly bag
-1 kitchener bag
-1 neck pillow
-1 sleeping mask
-1 cotton sleeping bag
-1 rainjacket
- Universal adapter
-Travel journal
-Note book
-Sketch book
-1 smaller backpack (day bag)


-1 pair of teva flip flops
-1 pair of nike run sneakers

Dive items:

-Safety buoy

Meds and cosmetics:

-1 big shampoo (I like to bring my own cruelty-free products, since they’re hard to find in some countries)
-1 big shower gel (same same)
-1 bodylotion
-Mosquito spray
-Razor (not that I care about shaving my legs while travelling, but it's still needed for certain occasions, like going to the beach)
-Mooncup (recommended!!!)
-professional hair scissors (I cut my hair myself)
-the usual meds (pain killers etc.)
-Santé B12 Toothpaste
-Vitamins (it’s not easy to eat healthy while travelling)
-sanitary napkins
-hand disinfectant
-plant based relaxing medication for claustrophobia-causing situations
-very private but recommended for all girls: meds for bladder infections and vaginal mycosis (When you’re on antibiotics or malaria prophylaxis it might be a side effect. So far I haven't had any problems while taking atovaquon, but stuff like that usually happens when you're far away from a doctor, so it makes sense to be prepared)
-malaria prophylaxis and stand-by
-moist tissues for removing make-up
-make-up (for those rare occations)


-international vaccination certificate
-international driver license

Total weight: 12kg

René's putting in his backpack:

That moment you have to tell your cat that she's not coming with you... :-(

-2 thin hoodies
-1 warm hoodie
-2 shirts with long sleeves
-1 pair of shorts
-1 pair of jeans
-1 pair of baggies
-5 pairs of boxer shorts
-2 tanktops
-4 t-shirts
-2 pairs of swim shorts
-1 lycra
-4 pairs of long socks
-4 pairs of short socks

-1 pair of flip flops
-1 pair of Nike free sneakers

Other items:

-1 thin sleeping bag
-1 mosquito net
-1 normal towel
-1 micro fiber towel
-Belly bag
-Plastic poker cards
-Dice bag
-Rain Pelerine
-Solar charger
-Solar panel
-Water bag
-Earphones 2x
-Swiss army knife (what's a swiss man without a swiss army knife?)

-GoPro Hero4 Black Edition
-Nikon Coolpix Waterproof
-Sony Alpha 6000
-Sony E-lense 16-50mm
-Sony E-lense 55-210mm
-2 Harddisks
-1 Selfie stick
-Lenovo Yoga 900-13
-Slik Sprint Mini 2

Dive items:

-Safety buoy
-Dive computer

Meds and cosmetics:

-Medication kit
-Contact lenses
-shower gel (axe Africa ;-) )
-malaria prophylaxis and stand-by


-international vaccination certificate
-international driver license
-1 black cat ;-)

Total weight: 15kg

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