New Zealand (North Island)

Our breathtaking Middle earth adventure continued on New Zealands North Island...

New Zealand (South Island)

We'd reached it- the end of the world... the land of the hobbits and elves and crystal clear lakes...

Down under (Part 2)

The second half of our Australia trip was just as great as the first, and this time we even met some cuddly night creatures...

Down under (Part 1)

Finally out of the rain and into the wilderness down under...

Island-hopping in Indonesia

It seemed like our bad luck weatherwise would continue... despite the rain though, Indonesia had a lot to offer :-)

It’s all about the liquids (Vietnam)

Vietnam greeted us with rain, rain and... yup, more rain. But hey, they have good and cheap beer so who cares ;-)

Trying to follow the sun

At first we regretted having left our beloved Koh Tao... but then Koh Lanta showed us its nice side and we ended up in a place we hadn't thought we'd ever visit...

Welcome (home) to Koh Tao

We arrived back in one of our favorite countries and went straight to our beloved little island...