Over the hills and far away

Exhausted from travelling, we sought our way north and found a place within the mountains, where we were able to relax and recover...

Sleepless Nights

That travelling is not like being on a vacation was something we knew... But on our way north we finally truly understood what it means... and India showed us its dark side...

Pizza debacles, dead cats and black forest cake

Two towns, a couple of days... and more adventures than we would have expected... or wanted... at least there was dessert.

Don’t worry, be Hampi

We found a holy and hot place with a funny name, where meat and alcohol are outlawed and monkeys throw water bottles at you...

Beaching around in Goa

To calm down a little after Mumbai we enjoyed the beautiful beaches of Goa

Let’s go to Boombay

Chapter one of our world trip is hereby closed and we have safely reached the first pages of the second chapter... and they proved to be just as exciting!