From Westcoast to Eastcoast

After seeing a couple of sunsets, we wanted to see the sunrise for a change... D'you think we made it out of bed in time? Naaaah ;-)

2,5 weeks in Unawatuna

The first half of our month in this paradise called Sri Lanka is over... we're relaxed, tanned and eager for more... :-)

Great history and beer in Egypt

What better way to start the second part of our worldtrip than to hang out on the beach by the red sea? Fall? Not for us... We prefer to extend our summer as long as possible ;-)

Discovering the beauty of the North

When Switzerland got cold and rainy, we fled to Norway, where we enjoyed lovely weather while exploring the beautiful country...

Over the hills and far away

Exhausted from travelling, we sought our way north and found a place within the mountains, where we were able to relax and recover...

Sleepless Nights

That travelling is not like being on a vacation was something we knew... But on our way north we finally truly understood what it means... and India showed us its dark side...

Pizza debacles, dead cats and black forest cake

Two towns, a couple of days... and more adventures than we would have expected... or wanted... at least there was dessert.

Don’t worry, be Hampi

We found a holy and hot place with a funny name, where meat and alcohol are outlawed and monkeys throw water bottles at you...