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About doubts and longings

Mentally preparing for our departure feels like a rollercoaster ride. Whenever there's ups ("I can't wait to leave this grey cold place behind!") there's downs ("I'll miss our cosy netflix & chill weekends")

Especially this spring, when all the flowers blossomed and the weather got warmer, Nici found herself discovering more and more she actually likes about this once so hated country of hers. Watching befriended couples move in together made her wish to look for a beautiful apartment for Nussi and her too. That would have been the next step for us- if we had decided to stay here. Our current apartment is starting to feel smaller and smaller and our way of living is rather chaotic. So a nice 4 or 5 piece apartment somewhere in the countryside (yes, that's actually Nici talking) seems pretty inviting. And wow, they're even affordable outside the city!

Even her main reason to leave Switzerland, her hatred of winter and cold weather, didn't seem too important while she was thinking of a nice apartment (maybe with a fireplace?).

And then people started asking questions about our trip. "Will you be coming back someday?" "Are you sure this will work out?"

Or they would mock us. "I know you, you're not going to leave" "You'll be back soon, I bet on it".

It actually started to creep Nici out because she thought she had to have an answer and she saw those two possible future scenarios (1: beach, sun, diving school - 2: stable financial conditions, nice apartment, family close by ) and she felt we had to make a decision.

But you know what? We don't! Not for another five years at least. Might be we miss our families so much we decide to come back- might be we fall in love with one of the countries we're going to travel and decide to stay there. Both would be fine.

Now is not the time to worry, now is the time to be excited!

Nonetheless we decided to list our pros and cons and show you what we're looking forward to and what we're (probably) going to miss...


Is looking forward to:
warmth, spiders, sun, landscapes, freedom, not needing an alarm clock, getting tanned, diving, being with René 24/7 <3

Will (probably) miss:
taking hot baths with a glass of redwine (or a bottle), cooking whatever she wants, drinking tapwater, watching Supernatural, having more to wear than what fits in a backpack... oh and of course her family and friends :)

Is not looking forward to:
dangerous mosquitos, pubic hair in bedsheets, visa problems


Is looking forward to:
freedom, diving, wild animals, sunsets on the beach, the unknown, watching movies on the plane

Will (probably) miss:
game nights with buddies, his own toilet, having a cinema pass, tubing down the Aare, bromance, work..............nooooooot ;)

Is not looking forward to:
diseases, diarrhea, dorm rooms with wanking individuals

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  1. Hey René and Nici
    I’m sure, you’ll have the best time of your life. Just enjoy your trip, wherever it’ll take you.
    I wish you good luck and looking forward to read about your adventures.
    Love from Rheinfelden und toi toi toi

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